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We are part of the ThermaiScan team and our goal is to solve the global problem of late detection of breast cancer development.

Our portable, affordable and comfortable solution is based on AI, Thermal Camera & Smartphone combined for performing risk assessment as non-specialist to detect early stages of breast cancer development.

  • Q2′ 2021: Entering clinical trials in Armenia & India.
  • Q3′ 2021: Live in Armenia & India. 

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Valoty Tech is a technology solution provider based in Sweden.
We started our journey during the summer of 2018 because we wanted to solve global problems with the help of emerging technologies. Our core interest is to contribute to make merging technologies applied in our daily life's and help in positive way.

Our name Valoty comes from the latin word Valorem which means value, and that is what we seek for to give when we are creating products & services that are easy to use with a clear purpose.

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